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Cambio UK has a vision where health and care services are centred around the needs of the patient. Where technology delivers real benefits by ensuring that all the necessary information is available to all those who are required to make decisions about the delivery of health and care. Whether this is a doctor making a decision about diagnosis and treatment, the patient deciding how best to manage a condition or a regional authority deciding on the health and care needs of a population, Cambio is at the forefront of innovative, smart, reliable and user-friendly solutions that improve health care and patient safety.

We at Cambio have three core values ​​that guide us in our daily work and that guide us when we make decisions and treat each other and our customers.

Trust. At Cambio, we trust each other’s expertise and our customers should feel confident in us as their long-term partner.

Care. At Cambio, we act on the basis of the best for our employees, our customers and for society at large.

Together. At Cambio, we help and support each other. We work closely with our customers and partners to achieve our common goals.

We support Medecins Sans Frontieres

The company was founded in 1993 and is growing continuously. We currently have over 600 employees globally with different backgrounds, skills and responsibilities, who all are passionate about developing open and comprehensive e-healthcare solutions for the publicly-funded healthcare sector.

Cambio Healthcare Systems is a leading supplier of healthcare information systems in Northern Europe supporting over 35 Hospitals in the delivery of high quality and safe healthcare.

Cambio provides a comprehensive Service and Support function matched to the needs and requirements that have been agreed with individual customers.

Once agreed, these requirements will outline the scope of Cambio’s involvement and will define the actions that Cambio will undertake. As well as supporting and maintaining the application software, which is always provided, the scope will define what aspects of the supporting infrastructure is included. This can encompass third party applications, technology and hardware. In addition, the scope will define the time periods it applies to, from set hours on specified days through to 24 hours cover, 7 days a week. Ultimately a full managed service can be provided.

Service and Support is based on industry good practice derived from Cambio’s adoption of ISO standards. Specifically, the ISO 20000-1 IT Service Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management standards underpinned by an ISO-9000 Quality Management solution. All of which are routinely audited by approved certification organisations.

The requirement will include the Service Levels to be applied for the live and non-production environments, the reporting and the overall management of the activities Cambio will be delivering.

Local rules and regulations regarding access to customer systems and confidential information will always be applied.

Cambio recognise that how the solution will be used and the demands that will be placed on it will change and grow over time. The goal of the Service and Support function is therefore to provide a proactive and responsive service that maximises the business and operational benefits delivered by the solution.

With a development organisation of over 250 employees and significant knowledge both of processes and technology, Cambio has a world-leading development team that focuses heavily on software development.

Our ambition is to combine the continuous development of our technology with the constant improvement of our care processes and e-healthcare services software support, in order to offer our customers safer and more efficient care support.

Cambio UK have a dedicated team developing exclusively for the UK market. Highly skilled development teams use modern Agile techniques to produce efficient, high quality solutions. Development is managed and driven by Product Management and Technical teams, based in the UK.

Cambio Sri Lanka

Cambio Software Engineering, established in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2011.

Our People

Tomas Block
Deputy CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Jonathan Lowther
Country Manager UK

Nigel Austin

Albert Keeshan
Human Resources

Cyro Chak

Ethan Reid

Jim Fan

Joe Austin
Delivery and Support

Nicola Walsh
Delivery and Support

Sathees Tharmaraja

Suganthini Satheeskumar
Delivery and Support

Zahra Khan
Delivery and Support


Trusts are transforming the way they work through the deployment of Cambio achieving efficiencies and improving both staff and patient experience.

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