The summary provided for the scope of this service point is:

  • Make sure people with different physical, mental health, social, cultural or learning needs can use your service, whether it’s for the public or staff.
  • And people who do not have access to the internet or lack the skills or confidence to use it.
  • Build an inclusive service so that everyone gets the care they need.

Cambio’s goal is to be an inclusive supplier.

Cambio’s Patient Flow Manager Solution uses a common code base across the PFM customer base with each customer having a unique config.  The configuration is defined and developed through design and delivery workshops led by Cambio during which Cambio will receive direction from the customer covering the data items to be collected, how the customer wants them displayed and how the customer will alter data to be made available.

As these requirements are received Cambio will provide for the customers consideration advice acquired from previous installations and from good practice guidance such as that incorporated within WCAG 2.1.

An iterative, Agile, approach is taken to design and delivery of a PFM solution, with early and frequent drops of the developing configuration into the customers PFM test environment for verification and validation. During this stage Cambio will request that in addition to the customers project team checking that the delivery reflects what has been requested, end users are also permitted access to confirm usability.

Cambio have that this approach significantly reduces the time to Go Live as it allows Cambio to quickly address changes in the configuration as requested/required from these iterative reviews.  It has the added benefit that it increases acceptance by the end users when the system is taken live as they have been involved in the earlier reviews.

When agreement has been reached that sufficient checked configuration has been developed to support Live, Cambio request the formal User Acceptance testing is performed. 

The final WCAG 2.1 pass/fail is therefore only determined once the design has been finalised.


Trusts are transforming the way they work through the deployment of Cambio achieving efficiencies and improving both staff and patient experience.

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