Cambio’s Clinical Risk Management processes ensure the timely delivery of the appropriate Clinical Safety documentation for review in advance of the initial Go Live, or when taking a significant update to an existing solution.

For our NHS customers this takes the form of delivering a Hazard Log and Clinical Safety case, the DCB0129 documentation.

Cambio’s PFM utilises a single code base to support all instances of PFM onto which a customer specific configuration is applied, rather than a supplier imposed, standard, configuration. Cambio ensures that each instance of PFM reflects the instructions received from the customer during design and delivery workshops.  These workshops are led by Cambio and target getting clarity and understanding of what is required from the solution.  This will include defining aspects such as the data items to be recorded and made visible, the access control, and the business/clinical workflows to be represented.

An iterative, agile, approach is taken to design and delivery of a PFM solution, with early and frequent drops of the developing configuration into the customers PFM test environment for verification and validation. During this stage Cambio request that in addition to the customers project team checking that the delivery reflects what has been requested, end users are also permitted access to confirm usability.

Cambio have that this approach significantly reduces the time to Go Live as it allows Cambio to quickly address changes in the configuration as requested/required from these iterative reviews.

When agreement has been reached that sufficient checked configuration has been developed to support Live, Cambio request the formal User Acceptance testing is performed.  If the outcome is that no changes are required from this activity then for a new install or delivery of a significant change to an existing solution, Cambio will at this point generate and deliver the appropriate Clinical Safety documentation.


Trusts are transforming the way they work through the deployment of Cambio achieving efficiencies and improving both staff and patient experience.

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