Supporting the South West Provider Collaborative with Dr Jason Fee, Clinical Director of South West Provider Collaborative

Elemental TV’s Corrie Williams is joined by Dr Jason Fee, Clinical Director of the South West Provider Collaborative to talk about how innovative technology solution, Patient Flow Manager is supporting a new and novel organisation that has been created to support Adult Secure Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Adult Eating Disorders, across geographical boundaries.

The end-user clinician-designed workflows were created and delivered within 6 months and include providing a regional real-time view of patient and bed status, across all providers, at ward level, whilst still being able to track ‘Out of Area’ patients and referrals.

Dr Fee discusses the benefits their approach has delivered across the South West region’s mental health services, and provides guidance for other Provider Collaboratives who are embarking on their own journey to provide joined-up regional mental health services.