Cambio acquires Daintel

Cambio acquires Daintel

Cambio Healthcare Systems acquires the Danish software company Daintel, a supplier of clinical IT solutions to the healthcare sector—especially intensive care and anaesthetic units.

With the acquisition, Cambio Healthcare Systems strengthens its electronic patient records system, Cambio COSMIC, and expands its product portfolio of health technology solutions. In the future, Daintel’s solution will also be available as a stand-alone solution.

“Daintel’s an incredibly talented player in the market for health technology, and it fits perfectly with our portfolio. We look forward to working with the products, and by incorporating them into COSMIC, we will achieve an even more complete suite,” says Peter Gille, CEO of Cambio Healthcare Systems.

Patrick Hulsen, founder and CEO of Daintel adds:
“We chose to sell to Cambio because they share our vision for the future of health care with open IT standards. Rather than hiding behind closed IT systems, open standards enable various players to supply modules to a common healthcare IT platform.”

A complete patient overview and quick access to accurate cross-cutting data
Daintel has 15 years of experience with healthcare IT, especially for intensive anaesthetic units. The collaboration between Daintel and Cambio has already been tested in practice. In 2018, the two—together with Capsule Technology—won a tender invited by the Region of Southern Denmark with their solution on data collection from medical devices in the region’s hospitals: the so-called MDIC (Medical Device Information Collection, which collects, stores and disseminates all data in one single system).

“With Daintel as part of Cambio, it’ll be easier for our customers to work with and share data across units, areas of responsibilities as well as people. Daintel’s solutions were developed in close dialogue with clinicians to provide the functionality demanded by the units: a complete patient overview and quick access to accurate cross-cutting data,” says Peter Gille and continues,

“I’m incredibly pleased with the opportunities this acquisition gives us in terms of expansion and strengthened collaboration with our customers. Daintel will become part of our COSMIC suite, with a joint drug list and a uniform and coherent user experience, but will also serve as a stand-alone solution that can be integrated in customers’ existing EPR systems and ensure a continuous flow of data.”

For further information, please contact;
Peter Gille, CEO of Cambio Healthcare +46 70 825 00 14